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July 13, 2011

Trane XR13 High Efficiency Heat Pump Offered in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida – O’Brien Heating and Air Conditioning introduces the Trane XR13 High Efficiency Heat Pump to customers throughout the Central Florida area. They offer more than 14 models ranging in size from 1.5 tons to 5 tons with cooling capacities from 18,000 to 60,000 BTU for residential homes. Seven of the models of the XR14 use R-22 Refrigerant and seven use the newer R-410A Refrigerant which is environmentally friendly and does not deplete the ozone layer.  Additionally,  R-410A contributes to the energy efficiency of the Trane XR13 because R-410A can absorb and release heat more efficiently than R-22 refrigerant.

The efficiency of R-410 also helps the compressor run cooler with less vibration and quieter too. The Trane XR13 has efficiency ratings of up to 14.00 SEER and HSPF up to 8.5. When purchasing a new heat pump buying one that uses R-410 instead of R-22 is highly desirable due to a planned phase out of R-22, which will result in decreased availability and higher costs. Trane Inc. has a long history in the heating and cooling industry; Although Trane was founded by a Wisconsin plumber named James Trane in 1885 who invented a low pressure heating system called the Trane Vapor Heating System, O’Brien Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide variety of cooling and heating systems in the Central Florida region in and around Orlando. In 1910 James and his son Rueben started manufacturing operations as The Trane Company. Since then the company has been a leader in the heating & cooling industry and is now a division of Ingersoll Rand. Trane manufactures a full line of heating products, and has been making cooling products since 1931. Now, O’Brien offers the same quality HVAC and Air Conditioning systems to consumers.

The Trane XR13 Heat Pump is contained in a fully louvered 22-gauge galvanized steel cabinet that has been powder coated to ensure protection against the Florida Heat and possible damage from even the neighborhood kids. There is a single removable panel that allows full access to service the unit’s refrigeration and electrical controls; the fan is replaceable and serviceable by O’Brien Hating and Air Conditioning from the top of the unit. When refrigeration components require maintenance no brazing is required, Trane uses Roto-Lock fittings to join refrigeration components.

The Trane XR-13 uses a Trane Climatuff Compressor and SpineFin Coil designed by Trane engineers for maximum efficiency and a long service life to pump the heat in and out of your home. The entire package is mounted on top of the DuraTuff corrosion proof base pan. The Trane XR13 Heat Pump can heat and cool with sound levels as low as 75dB. When the Trane XR13 is matched to interior components from Trane such as air handlers and in colder seasons, higher performance can be expected. The Trane XR13 comes with a 10-Year Parts Warranty on the compressor, coil and internal parts with optional O’Brien Heating and Air Conditioning extended warranties that cover labor. If a complete system is installed the 10-Year Warranty can be extended to the indoor components as well.

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Central Florida gets Solar Air Conditioning for homeowners

Orlando, FL June 14, 2011 - The team at O'Brien Heating and Air Conditioning is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new residential air conditioning product. This new air conditioner will run off uniquely designed solar panels, which is perfect for homeowners trying to cut back on energy costs and do their part to protect the environment.

O'Brien Heating and Air Conditioning will offer this new product to select qualified customers along with the first solar panel to run the AC in their homes. Customers can start with just one solar panel, which the company provides, or as many as 15 panels at the time of installation. They can also add on panels as they have the budget for it. These solar panels tie right into the high efficiency air conditioner and are much cheaper to install than traditional solar panels. When the air conditioner is not running, the solar power can be used to run lights and appliances in the house.

With the latest federal stimulus package, customers can also get back as much as 30% of the air conditioner installation cost in rebates. Utility rebates are also available for homeowners who install this type energy efficient air conditioner in their home. O'Brien Heating ans Air Conditioning can provide a free estimate and consultation for anyone interested in installing a solar-powered cooling system in their home.

This solar powered air conditioner installation is unlike anything being done in the HVAC industry. It is just one of the ways to offer more environmentally friendly options. The company specializes in energy efficient residential heating and air conditioning, as well as a variety of efficient products and services for commercial customers. For more information about the company, visit


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The team at O'Brien Heating and Air Conditioning is led by Matt O'Brien who specializes in quality craftsmanship for all major HVAC units, from installation to servicing. The company's quality craftsmanship is backed by his 20 years of experience in the HVAC Industry. O'Brien Heating and Air Conditioning has many years of experience installing and providing service for commercial and residential projects in Central Florida. The company's dedication to outstanding performance with high levels of professionalism has enabled O'Brien Heating and Air Conditioning to become one of the most respected and fastest growing HVAC companies in the Central Florida Region and the greater Orlando, Florida area.

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